Eleva Energy

Eleva provides the technology, finance and commitment to obviate the necessity of flaring and avoid gas reinjection, which erodes the economic value of the nations indigenous oil and gas assets. Natural gas, a clean burning fuel can be transported to customers nearby or remote, virtually or physically in an economically efficient manner. The successful execution of each gas commercialisation opportunity at each gas flaring site, will have a phenomenal effect, by industrialising and electrifying  the region affordably.

Eleva LNG

A member of the Eleva Group was formed as a natural gas commercialisation and distribution company. In areas where on-grid energy capacity is constrained and traditional gas pipeline infrastructure is unavailable, liquefied natural gas (LNG) is an attractive alternative to high carbon oil-based energy. Eleva LNG, utilising natural gas sourced from associated and non-associated sources is pre-treated, liquefied and safely transported in cryogenic trucks to both our customers and Eleva satellite storage-and-regasification stations to ensure a reliable and uninterrupted supply of feedstock .
Eleva clients are supplied with regasification plants and storage systems to facilitate gas consumption in furnaces, engines and turbines. LNG substantially reduces cost per kWh of energy produced in comparison to liquid fuels especially in the areas of the country where access to pipelines are limited. By enabling downstream access to clean, safe, and inexpensive natural gas, Eleva is expanding the gas distribution radius of the country

Eleva LPG

Eleva engages in LPG bulk trading and nationwide distribution. Our goal is to provide domestically produced and easily accessible LPG to end-users. To achieve this goal, we have storage facilities at strategic locations across Nigeria to ensure a vast distribution coverage.