transforming natural gas distribution solutions across West Africa

Eleva Group is spearheading the transformation of the energy sector with natural gas commercialisation and utilisation solutions. The flagship entity – Eleva LNG, will commercialise and distribute natural gas across West Africa. The Group has experience in the development, engineering, procurement, construction, operations and maintenance, and management of mid-to-large size gas and power infrastructure.

Gas Distribution

By enabling downstream access to clean, safe, and inexpensive natural gas, we are expanding the gas distribution radius of the country and aiding gas delivery to an unserved market of new industrial and commercial customers.

In areas where on-grid energy capacity is constrained and traditional gas pipeline infrastructure is unavailable, liquefied natural gas (LNG) is an attractive alternative to high carbon oil-based energy. Eleva’s LNG solution ensures reliability of power plants, machinery, and automotive engines offering greater value in the long term.

Eleva is the manifestation of the partnership between global technology leaders and established industry financiers that are committed to driving gas utilisation within Nigeria and along the West African market by taking a holistic approach towards harnessing and commercialising opportunities across the entire gas value chain. Consequently, as part of Eleva’s operations. Eleva LPG drives the group’s interest in Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) including storage, marketing and distribution of LPG in Nigeria.


Providing transformative energy solutions that sustainably harness Africa’s power and industrial potential.


Exploring and commercializing opportunities that provider cheaper, cleaner and safer energy for power generation, manufacturing industries and automotive fuelling across Africa.

Core Values

                       Service, safety, Innovation 

Power Generation

Eleva’s services support power generation and industrial customers to optimize fuel supply and scale up operations, which ultimately enhances productivity and improves bottom line.

We increase the Nigerian market for natural gas by distributing LNG, piped gas and LPG from multiple locations directly and expediently to the end-user.

Eleva sources gas directly from asset owners on a long-term basis as well as from its own upstream operating entity to assure our customers of high availability and reliability.