Our Value


Eleva’s services support power generation and industrial customers to optimize fuel supply and scale up operations, which potentially expands their customer base. We increase the Nigerian market for natural gas by distributing LNG, piped gas, and LPG from multiple locations directly and expediently to the end-user. Eleva sources gas directly from asset owners on a long term basis to assure our customers of high availability and reliability.

LNG as a Case Study

In areas where on-grid energy capacity is constrained and traditional gas pipeline infrastructure is unavailable, liquefied natural gas is an attractive alternative to high carbon oil-based energy.

Until now, customers only had access to fossil fuels such as: HFO, Naphtha and LPG.Our mini LNG modular operations, have made natural gas an affordable option.

We provide tailor made logistics and gas supply solutions in order to match customers’ demand and provide gas and LNG storage at point of use.

Serving industries, power plants and other energy users not connected to gas pipelines, we provide a quick and reliable solution to these customers using a clean burning fuel readily available in the region. We aim to increase the natural gas market in Nigeria via our virtual and physical pipelines, putting an end to the erosion of the economic value of our indigenous oil and gas assets.

Ultimately, Eleva is a domestic solution to a national problem. We provide tailor- made logistic and gas supply solutions to match our customers demand and requirement, and resolve a fundamental challenge in our national energy value chain.