An innovative energy project

and investment company

About Eleva

The Eleva Group is a regional energy consortium spearheading the transformation of the sector with natural gas commercialisation and utilisation solutions. The flagship entity, Eleva LNG, was formed as a gas commercialisation and distribution company. The company processes and distributes natural gas across West Africa. We have experience in the development, operations & maintenance, and management of mid-to-large size gas infrastructure and logistics projects.

By enabling downstream access to clean, safe, and inexpensive natural gas, Eleva is expanding the gas distribution radius of the country by enabling gas delivery to an unserved market of new industrial and commercial customers.

Eleva is the manifestation of the partnership of global technology leaders and established industry financiers, that enables the distribution of LNG to our customers. As part of Eleva’s operations that process natural gas, we also supply LPG to the Nigerian marketplace. This limits the reliance on fuels such as fire wood, kerosene.

Eleva’s main product is liquified natural gas (LNG), which is the cleanest burning fossil fuel, and allows for easy transportation. Liquified Natural Gas, LNG is natural gas (predominantly methane, CH4) that has been cooled to below -161 ° C (-258F) at atmospheric pressure converting it to liquid form, for ease of storage or transport. End to end, we specialise in the handling, transportation and distribution of LNG. Eleva also processes and transports gas via our natural gas transmission pipelines within certain clusters directly to customers.